I just had my hind foot fused in October for a second time- this was my 9th ankle surgery in attempt to remedy my extreme mechanical pain. Im only 21 and im getting really overwhelmed and frustrated. Tomorrow im going to see my dr for a post op and im in so much pain all the time still. They want to do a nerve block in my back and possibly a nerve stimulator but I really am apprehensive about it. I have highly considered amputation for a while now because I lost so many aspects of my life that I love and if I were to go through with amputation I’d get some of those things back. I guess my question is: how long do you go through with guessing on therapies/treatments/surgeries until you throw in the towel? I appreciate any help or insight you can give <3

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  • JustRachelle


    I hate that you’re going through this 😩💔 I don’t have any advice as to what will help but I’m here if you need to talk. Have you tried marijuana for pain? Is it legal in your area?

  • saggee


    Nine surgeries and the pain hasn’t improved sounds like it takes much more to resolve and it seems like amputation might be the best option. I’m surprised they’re still trying to stop the pain by surgery after nine operations. I’m not sure if you’ve already visited with your DR yet but I would lay out the pros and cons when talking to your DR so they see you’ve put thought into it instead of just a last resort. It sucks that you have to go through more unnecessary pain just to have nothing improved.

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