On Social Skills:

So yeah, when I was quite young I was odd. Not the cute quirky odd but *odd* if I remember right. I never had a good amount of friends but a smaller group. I'm not talkative but I'm not cold. People just approach me more and I'm introverted. Maybe it was because I couldn't relate to a lot of the other kids? IDK. I feel like I'm good with reading body language speaking of social skills. In fact maybe I'm hyper aware and over think others' body language. As I'm older I tell myself "Oh, they're talking about this or doing (insert body language they are doing)" so I can respond appropriately." I guess that isn't uncommon among people though. My social interactions are usually genuine but I have to tell myself "Raise your chin a little so you appear confident. Tilt your head and lean forward to show you're listening! Giggle a little but not too loudly." Unsuprisingly, this is usually with strangers and people who you don't act natural with. Again I know many people are purposeful with body language, but is this more common with TS people (and neurodivergent people like me)?

What is your experience with social skills and body language? Isn't there a difference with social skills in TS? Or what is your input on this topic.

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  • roseyy


    Not to act deceptively but to act appropriately

  • yourekillingmesmalls


    I definitely relate to this! I've always been odd as well. I'm not talkative and my friends say I have "resting grumpy face" because I always look upset/disinterested haha. I have to be very purposeful about body language/ facial expressions so people know that i'm not cold

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