My family is so judgmental about my mental disorders but won't listen to me to the point my anger problem leads to my compulsive shopping with no outlet to speak to them without causing an argument. Should I just get rid of all my things by donation? it would hurt because I paid for them, but I'm tired of them shaming and complaining about me.


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  • Sebby


    There are places to easily sell these items, like Poshmark, Merci, etc.

  • Mengmengie


    I've put it on selling sites. People want your stuff for cheap even if they're willing to pay the same price or higher for a similar item

  • Sherohn


    You could also look at Mercari, I’ve sold stuff on there before. It doesn’t sell exactly at a price that you’d want, but it’s still something. I hope that this process helps you. As for your family, I empathize emphatically with your situation. My family has done the same thing to me my whole life and I recently cut most of them off. It has been the most liberating feeling, though it’s been a difficult road.

  • vlynz


    depop is my favorite resell app! i haven’t listed anything but i love scrolling through it 😅

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