Does anyone have advice on social battery? How to extend it or fight through it?

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  • PolkaDot77


    It depends on why your social battery is running out. I will run out when my pain is too high so I'll prepare by wearing braces, taking medication, and asking for support or my friends to slow down if I need it. If it's mental because I'm tired then I'll sometimes take a break to a quiet (or quieter) room for a little bit and just sit and rest. Then after I'm feeling a bit better I'll head back and rejoin the fun. If I'm not feeling it because I'm having a wave of depression I'll just push through and go through the motions, and some days I'm able to get out of my head and enjoy it in the moment. I also try to reflect when I'm home afterwards, especially if I really really didn't want to go, and I find that 99% of the time I'm glad I went. I try to recall that when it's time to go out the next time and I really really don't want to go. I hope this helps. Life is hard. Remember to grant yourself grace. Sometimes that's really hard, so sometimes I ask myself 'if my friend was struggling like this, how would I support them' and then support myself in that way.

  • Quirce


    Honestly, I try to have a thing in mind that I will get to do after socializing. It could be something like playing games when you get home, relaxing in bed, watching a show, etc. That way you have something to look forward to, and it can make it a little easier to get through those situations. A big thing mentally that helped was being okay with having an "on" and an "off" me. I always felt bad because I thought that if I had a more sociable side of myself, I wasn't being authentic with people. I've also worked on being comfortable being awkward or more quiet around others without getting frustrated with myself or anxious about how it might be perceived. And there is nothing wrong with being upfront with others about how you are feeling. I hope that helps and that you are able to find something that works well for you!

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