hi I'm Max! I just started Wellbutrin as a second antidepressant, and I've been like non stop tired. sleeping at night, through the day, all the time. does anyone else have a similar experience with this?

acute lethargy

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  • BD3_Nic


    Yes that's me every day for the past year its like I can't get enough sleep like at all I can sleep all day and night then get up and feel even more tired so I just go back to sleep people call me lazy but I just really don't have any energy to do anything anymore except sleep plus I have gotten pretty attached to dreaming

  • Dexxy


    That's actually pretty strange for Wellbutrin since it usually is stimulating. Everyone reacts differently though. That being said, I struggle to stay awake as well. It used to keep me up but now I oversleep.

  • Molly_Grace


    I wonder if you should be screened for add. Since Wellbutrin is typically simulating, this would be expected of someone with ADD. Just a thought.

    • Max.Elliotte


      I've always thought ADD/ADHD could be a possibility, expecially with my family records. I'll look more into that, thank you!!

  • AnimalBoy


    They warned me about this because I have ADHD and that's why I was taking it, but that's not usually a side effect since welbutrin is a stimulant. I would definitely talk to your doctor about the side effect and your potential for ADHD.

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