At this stage, I'm dealing with extreme pain and fatigue, mixed IBS, depression, migraines, and insomnia most. I go to therapy and see a psychiatrist regularly.
I have several upcoming tests and upcoming appointments with my primary care provider, a chiropractor, my OBGYN (haven't had a period in 4 years), a gastrointeroligist, a neurologist, a sleep specialist...I'm doing everything I can think of.
Any ideas or advice? Are there questions I should be asking? Treatments or tests worth seeing about? Have you been through anything like this?



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  • Rosesandclouds


    That's sort of me rn but with GERD. The only advice I have is write down your symptoms and I do that because I might forget something. There are maybe multiple tests that you should take I heard sometimes depression can be caused from both a nutrient deficiencies or a messed up gut microbiome. (There's a test to ask your gi about which good and bad bacteria are in your gut) I also heard that doctors should look more in depth to analyze your headaches. And you should look after your hormone levels but also seratonin (and also what helps make seratonin) and cortisol levels.

  • walletonalanyard


    i’ve been through this, and i had scar tissue on my uterus. i also have sleep problems. my only advice is, don’t crowd your life with doctors appointments. after a few it made me really emotionally drained. treat yourself like a person that is okay, and keep your head up. i promise it gets better the more you feel like yourself.

  • Alienlover


    You should also take a close look at your diet…Americana do not eat a wholesome nutrient rich diet. Remove gluten and dairy. I have ibs and diet along with some supplements have helped a lot. Gastric dr told me to take fiber and Phillips every night. I do get more fiber but I’m not taking a laxative everyday for the rest of my life. Crazy. I agree with the last post doctors are only making a guess and since you have multiple things no one dr is going to be able to “fix” you. It becomes draining and expensive.

    • loveshespoke


      I am open to any and all feedback, although I already eat differently than most people in this culture. Can I ask what supplements help you?

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