does anyone else have their doctors diagmose them with DID and then try to change it to schizophrenia without cause?


Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • LittleSlime


    I've had the other way around for sure. I saw a doctor who was suggested to me based on their experience but had no idea what DID even was... 😔 Then tried to prescribe anti-psychotics while I was on sertraline??? If you can, I would absolutely recommend trying to get a second/third/fourth opinion from people that understand what DID is Hopefully you've been alright after that, it can feel very invalidating for them to switch up on you like that ❤️

  • lucida


    we’ve been put on so many different antipsychotics because our doctors believes we have schizophrenia. though we haven’t been open about the system because we’re afraid to get diagnosed for many reasons

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