Hi guys I'm Texas and it's a pleasure to meet y'all
But I was diagnosed w Hep C back in 93 . I know there's a pill that could cure it but , honestly I haven't really looked into it due to everything else that's going on w me . I had lab work done n my enzymes were a tad high but they said it could be from my diet
So can anyone tell me what treatments you all have done or the cost for it the pill?

Chronic Hepatitis


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  • BabyBunny


    I was treated with interferon and Ribavirin back in 2001 for one year. The treatment was tough but it did clear Hep C virus. So I’m very grateful.

    • Texas


      that's exactly what I took but I relapsed so it was a waste

  • KayMac


    Today you can take an oral medication (dont remember the name sorry) for 12 weeks that has few minor side affects or for some no side affects. I can be very expensive. Without insurance like 80,000. I was offered it with insurance for 2000 but couldn't afford it. Hoping to be able to get it some day

    • BabyBunny


      Does the drug manufacturer have any financial programs? I would ask the doctor for another RX.

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