Hi! I'm an alter in a system, but lately I've just been feeling.. Unwanted? Or taken advantage of. I really can't put a name on it. I love being social and talking to people, but it's hard to front. When I do front, it's always to take care of someone. I have a little to take care of when not fronting, front is my way of taking a break and talking to people. I'm just not sure what to do.. I want to be out and social but at the same time when I'm seen out people take it as an opportunity to have me comfort them.
- Missy

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • Danny420


    I miss out on party's and really fun nights because of one of my alters (I'm a lil salty) Don't let that be the thing you think about often or for too long because it can get in the way of things I've noticed

  • Danny420


    You can always message me about it, I have a 10 month old baby (not an alter) I take care of the most so I very much relate. I'm also a single mother and don't really have anyone babysit my son

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