i have this thing where i change my name periodically or change my name when talking to myself (in my head) i have a preferred name but in my head i have a different name in which i used to go by even though im used to my current preferred name.
i also have very strange memory issues- in which my friends have brought up, and my friends say that i seen to "switch" periodically. and when i try to dive into learning about personality/ identity disorders i randomly get frustrated or immediately get frustrated when at the thought of having it:/ i dunno. im just really stressed out but i don't want to self diagnose

Personality Disorder (PD)

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  • TaetaeRyn


    I’m not in any way a professional, but if I had to guess that sounds more like a dissociative disorder than a personality disorder. What you described sounds a lot like OSDD (otherwise specified dissociative disorder), where it’s possible to have multiple personalities, but not full amnesia. That would explain the problems with your memory, even if there aren’t complete gaps. I’m not sure if this is what you meant by “switch,” but maybe looking into dissociative disorders could bring you some more clarity. (Side note: MPD—multiple personality disorder—is not a personality disorder, just the old name for DID—dissociative identity disorder)

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