I've been depressed for most of my life and recently been diagnosed with Bipolar 2 as well. These conditions seem to affect my life and my relationship very negatively, especially lately. Is there any advice anyone can give me to help control myself more and get ahold of these depressive/angry moods and try to combat them?


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  • Itsjustcali


    Are you currently in therapy?

  • BooBear1017


    Yes, I am

  • dogdad13


    Mindfulness exercises!! And CBT therapy are both really great for helping yourself realize what's happening in the moment and what to do about

  • finnfinn97


    Listening to my favorite music and having my own personal concert. I sound like a dork but I feel like a celebrity having an intimate concert with handpicked fans lol

  • VixenBelladonna


    Don’t be afraid of medication if you not already on some, they can really help if you find the right one. When I used to feel particularly depressed or angry I’d go on a walk while listening to music until I sang and walked away my mood for a bit at least. With meds i only get occasional breakthroughs of depression around my period if at all. Bipolar was suspected for me but I actually ended up having ASD and ADHD, I’d also drink monster energy drink occasionally when I was down, often on those walks, that helped get me in a better mood, probably because it was kind of treating my ADHD, at least it was the closest I had to treatment at that point in my life. Now I’m on paxil for my depression and social anxiety and focalin for my adhd mentally I’m doing much better. Do double check both autism and ADHD symptoms against your own, there is cross over between both and bipolar; you might find one of the others fits better than bipolar or explains something bipolar doesn’t. Because they share symptoms it can be a common misdiagnosis especially for the female gender that effects of ASD and ADHD were less studied until recently. Either way medication can help. Your other choices would be things like cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness meditation which both work to rewire neural pathways to try and find positive reactions instead. Lots of positive self talk and care can be helpful as well.

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