I had my first lap surgery for endometriosis Friday. Physically, I think things are going well. My left ovary was attached to my colon and left tube. All Endo was removed. I'm feeling depressed, though. I have been emotional since waking from surgery. I have struggled with depression for several years, but surgery seems to have aggravated it more. Has anyone experienced this or something similar?


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  • SumShine84


    I haven't experienced this personally but my mom came out of surgery with severe depression and it turned out to be a reaction from the anesthesia.

    • Joon


      how long did it last?

      • SumShine84


        it lasted about 5 days, I read that it could be a reaction from the anesthesia and suggested that maybe a benadryl would help, she took one and it stopped, it was so strange but might be something to try

  • 100Percent_K


    It’s a common reaction post operatively, it can last up to a few weeks unfortunately 🥲 so can decreased appetite

  • CherHorowitz


    Post laparoscopy, I did feel a little down, but at the time I thought that was FOMO. I never considered it being due to surgery itself, but that's interesting to think about for next time.

  • Giaaa


    This happened to me! It was immediately apparent as soon as I woke up. It lasted about a month. I was physically doing great, but mentally so down and hopeless. I seriously felt like it would never end. I still have no clue why it happened, but it went away and it will for you too! Don’t give up it will get better!! It takes time

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