Has anyone ever think they we miss diagnosed with ADHD and have almost the exact same symptoms as Autism?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • Chrissyposi


    Yes. I think about it every now and then but if you’re thinking about it more often than that then I would suggest talking to a professional and tell them about what concerns you’re having. ADHD is one of the most most common diagnosis, you can talk to your doctor about making sure they didn’t treat you for the wrong thing.

  • Cvprisun


    YES but i’m scared to talk to my doctor lol

  • leeannleeann


    That, and the fact that most of the time they co-exist with each other. Things such as asd, add, and ADHD usually have something else with them

  • Tristan082218


    ADHD is actually on the Autism spectrum because of the symptoms being so similar

  • joo


    Adhd can be symptoms of autism but not the other way around... according to what i read yesterday..

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