I don't know if I'll ever be able to work through my ocd bc I absolutely can not bring myself to explain my "rituals" or my intrusive thoughts
If I try to talk about it, I immediately start to freak out. my heart is racing and I'm starting to get upset just typing this.
I'm like....scared to say things and jinx everything lol

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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • Mightyheidi


    It's frustrating to try to explain things to people who don't get it, let alone get it all out before being interrupted and then losing your train of thought and having to start over but this time not being listened to because they already heard part of it so they think they've heard all of it...they just don't get it.... I get it... You were able to post something...you are doing okay.

  • SunInAugust


    Thankfully you don't have to talk about OCD to make progress with it. Be gentle with yourself, there are approaches that don't involve talking about the thoughts. Its understandable you'd feel that way about talking about them.

  • Thegeckoguy


    Hey fellow ocd sufferer here and I get you 100%. My current struggle is intrusive thoughts and it can be super scary and intimidating to explain your intrusive thoughts and rituals. I'm sure you're worried about coming across is strange or even a horrible person as I often fear with mine. I promise you are not alone and you are not bad for having intrusive thoughts or having or doing rituals. The fact that you posted shows you have the power just take small steps towards making a big step. You also don't have to explain yourself to anyone alot of the fight happens inside keep it up you've got this!

  • dinky23


    I feel this :( for me I’m just so embarrassed to talk about it. Even to my therapist and psychiatrist and stuff. I just know it sounds so stupid and crazy and it makes no sense. Like I KNOW that but that doesn’t mean I can suddenly just stop doing them. It doesn’t work like that. :( An OCD IOP group has been the most helpful thing for me so far, but I slowly have reverted back to things :/

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