after being on here and talking to a few people, I realize I might have Borderline Personality Disorder. however, I was diagnosed with depression because it has similar symptoms. is BPD worse?


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  • DaOnewitBPD


    I was originally diagnosed with depression and it took a lot of trial and error for my correct diagnosis of BPD due to a lot of stigma in the psychology field. BPD is awful. BPD controls every aspect of my life and I feel like I have no control. With medication and therapy, it's manageable

  • Emily1996


    Uhh ok. It's not like that for me. Online is said the fear of abandonment. Yes... I can push away just because I'm so scared of being left. Even if I don't mean to push. Mood swings. Check. Untrusting. Yep. Can't trust anyone. I overanalyze everything and I will basically research into u if ur my significant other just to make sure ur a "good person".

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