I don't have a chronic vomiting problem, but I've had basically non-stop nausea since middle school and first noticed frequent nausea when I was in 2nd grade. I'm pretty sure it's mostly anxiety but it feels horrible because I always feel sick- sometimes like I'm about to throw up and sometimes like I have heartburn. I have thrown up from it before and I missed so much school because of it. Sometimes it's so bad that all I can do is lay on the bathroom floor, trying not to pass out, while I wait to either throw up or feel well enough to go to sleep.

Chronic Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting

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  • juniiebug


    Very similar problem here. Anxiety is definitely a huge part of my stomach and nausea problems as well. I’ve always dealt with it for as long as I can remember but it got really bad starting in 2016. I have episodes at night where I’ll wake up feeling nauseous and the only thing I can do is stay up, take medication, shake and rock back and forth, and do my best to distract myself and use coping mechanisms. It disrupts my life greatly (I literally just came home from work because I was so nauseous). It’s horrible. It truly runs your life.

  • slayed


    there are some conditions that literally just mess you up, like for example i have a kidney condition called hydronephrosis which is just draining of your kidneys but even though kidney and nausea are like so apart they can still interact so maybe look to see other symptoms or u could just have anxiety nausea

  • pinky01


    Same. I had to quit my job because it caused me to realize it made me develop an eating disorder.

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