hello to everyone. I'm new here and I had pelvis and C2-C5 fusion. and the surgery the doctor said was successful My question it's ; (It been 3 month since I had those 2 surgeries. there were apart from one day. ) I just wondering until when it's that I can bend. I feel like I vertebrae going to pop out. and the one for my Pelvis. hurts like it was just done. I even went to Emergency.And the doctor there told me everything looks ok. but I'm not feeling well at all. Anybody had this surgeries?

Lumbar radiculopathy

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  • McNeil


    No go back tell them what you’re feeling and see what’s up get a second opinion

    • Betsy1120


      thank you. I went for a second opinion. And the other doctor did a X rays, and a MRI . And told me the surgery looks good, the thing its that it looks like the nerves are damaged and looks like some of the screws are cross it and its compresing a nerve. They talk about SCS. ( a chip to be install on my back. Do any body knows about that?

  • Jewels18


    If the screw if pinching a nerve, they should go in and change the screw position. Spinal cord stimulator helps to modulate nerve transmission aka pain signals. It seems extra to me to go in and add more hardware in when the issue is the screw pinching a nerve. I’d ask the doc about this issue.

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