What are your favorite textures?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • StarrySystems


    I have a bit of an oral fixation so alot of these involve chewing but like....old fabric and crunchy things are my two favorite textures when it comes to chewing. With like textile stuff I really like cotton clothing and blankets and stuff like that. Its a really neutral texture so I don't get overwhelmed by it. Oh!!!! And like laminated paper that's always really nice to touch

  • wise


    I am extremely picky about textures I eat and touch. My favorite eating texture is chewy stuff like gummies or al dente pasta. To touch, I like sticking my hands in a big ol bucket of uncooked rice or petting freshly washed and dried hair. Before we got together, my partner would sit there and let me braid his hair over and over because his hair is so soft and fluffy, and I would meet him at work and redo his ponytail while he was on lunch because he's bad at putting his hair up lol. Later I found out he never let anyone else do any of that, I am the only one who gets to touch his hair and he specifically asks me to do it sometimes because he finds it comforting. I think that feeling is my favorite emotional texture

  • selky


    touching wise is my jellycats (preferably the softer ones with shorter fur)!! i like to pet them or rub them against my face or neck cus theyre so soft !! food wise is rlly smooth food or liquids but sometimes i like crunchy stuff like chips if theyre not too loud to chew !!

  • KittyKartchner


    My absolute favorite texture is the hair and skin on my husband's body. He's so soft and fuzzy. But I also have a bad oral fixation so the silicone from the adult sized pacifier I use at night is also very nice. I like soft things.

  • SullenDragon



  • Proxy


    I love soft fluffy things. Also like corn in a corn silo makes my autistic happy stim go off like crazy. Bean bags and similar are also nice. Eating wise I like a nice balance of textures.

  • sja517


    I love anything soft, but velvety or flocked textures are my favorites! (The Tangle jr fuzzies are amazing for me!)

  • purple_narwal


    The texture of pineapple

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