I've had pustular psoriasis on the soles of my feet since Nov 2019. As of winter 2021-2022 it spread to my palms. I've experienced significant and persistent stress since May 2022 and it has since spread everywhere. My scalp is almost fully covered, it's between my toes (thankfully my nails are okay) it's in my armpits, under breasts, legs, arms, corner of my nose, and in my crotch. I've been on Humira for 3 months now and the most I've seen is less thickness of my plaques but I find a new patch every single day.

Hair loss is my biggest complaint right now. I don't consider my self care time as my me time because it's a chore to exist every day. My scalp psoriasis showed up about 3 weeks ago and the thinning is noticable and the hair loss daily is considerable. It's not ceasing and between oiling my scalp or ointment and double shampooing just to get the great out of my hair is so much work to be semi comfortable in my own skin for a work day. I have to wear my hair up for work so it's been hair clips and loose scrunchies with a head band to cover my inflamed hairline. My self confidence is shattered and waiting for biologics to kick in is very difficult when insurance covers my steroid cream 4x longer than when I run out. and now that it's everywhere and new problem areas are developing I need more! I'm not spending $300+ out of pocket for clobetesal when insurance brings it to $10.

I feel like a shedding reptile and my skin is deteriorating. It's my stress showing itself through my psoriasis. And my worsening condition only makes me more stressed.


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