I'm trying to lose weight, and it's really frustrating when I try to not eat until later but have to take my meds, because it upsets my stomach and I end up vomiting. How do you deal with needing to eat before taking meds when trying to also lose weight?

Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

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  • RJ86


    What are you taking that requires you to eat?

  • Joza


    I drink fruit smoothies so you can give that a try

  • Sighren


    Unfortunately I just throw up liquids, it seems. And I'm not sure which medicine it is, I just take a lot of medication and I think it makes me nauseous

  • Java


    It is something I am trying out, as I also have to eat with my morning meds. I keep it high protein, with low to no sugar, so usually eggs. I’m also trying to lose weight, but it’s hard since I can’t walk very well so I’m not able to exercise

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