well hello there my alikes. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis back in 2013 and I've had various and numerous roller coaster rides with it as I'm sure you all know who has it it's not pleasant but they've been telling me the last I don't know however many years that if it keeps flaring up they're sending me the Cleveland clinic to get to j tube and a pacemaker put in and I really been putting it off and putting it off and putting it off but it's been coming and going and I don't know what to do any input


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  • Rachelliz


    Have you actually been seen at Cleveland yet?

  • Rice.Cakes


    What is the j tube and why a pacemaker not for the gastropareisis is it

    • xxARYN420xx


      j tube is a feeding tube. And they use a gastric pace maker for the stomach. It makes the stomach spasm to imitate digestion. My old gi told me it was my only hope... I'm now scheduled to see a different gi to get a second opinion

  • Jkersmom


    J tube is a feeding tube I believe!

  • DaveLaw


    I'm actually being treated by the Cleveland Clinic now and moved here from Texas/New Mexico just for that reason. If I can help you with the processes or anything let me know. You're definitely not alone...

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