Does anyone else unintentionally accidentally make themselves have an anxiety attack? What I mean by that is your own thoughts cause you to have an out of body experience, your breathing comes out as almost hyperventilating, hard to catch your breath, or having a hard time using any techniques that you've used before to help calm you down. I had a bad attack on Monday night and it wasn't fun. I hope that I can get an appointment with my doctor about getting back on my anxiety meds because I found out that they do work.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Mango17


    Yes I’ve experienced the same thing. Definitely not a fun experience and hard to describe it to other people. One thing my therapist has recommended is breathing in through your nose, out through your mouth, closing your eyes, then visualizing the place you feel most comfortable in. Then go through all of the senses you would feel there, smell, touch, hear, etc. after doing that for ab 5 min pick any word and say it over and over again for a minute. My word is pedals. Then count down from 3. If you do this 2-3 times a day you can condition yourself to feel calmer by associating that word and method with calmness when you start to feel anxious.

  • Canda


    Relatable for sure.

  • carter._.16


    I've had these before. They're not fun at all and I wish I could stop my brain from thinking certain things to help ease my anxiety. But it's hard I hope they get better for you!

  • vi_78


    Yes that's usually the roots of my anxiety attacks

  • mommaof3


    All the time. This is how I have a anxiety attack every time.

    • Johnj


      for me its whem i lay down feel like my heart juts beats harder its crazy

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