So I've been taking birth control for about two weeks and i feel like it's really drying out my skin, does anyone if insurance will cover CeraVe to maybe help my skin? I know sometimes you can fight to have it covered but idk if it'll be like OTC stuff like aspirin.

Acetylsalicylic Acid

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  • snurmdog


    You need a good moisturizer! There are things just as good as CeraVe that was cruelty free, The Ordinary's line of products are good and cheap too, most things are under 10 dollars. They have a moisturizer and hydrating serums too, I use hyralaunic acid and it moisturizes without causing acne buildup. But if you do want to get yourself some CeraVe, ask your doctor to prescribe a moisturizer if they can. I've been able to tackle my skin concerns from birth control as well as HRT using skincare from The Ordinary and I think it would help you too!

  • midnightdrives


    i use cetaphil moisturizer and it works well and it’s pretty affordable i think :)

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