I have a skin condition that E.R. doctors refuse to diagnose. Been to a dermatologist who wrote my condition off as "meth picking" without further investigation other than consult. The picking began AFTER my arms and legs developed "welts". I'm very self aware and AM NOT in denial of my behaviors. very frustrated with internet searches. Anyone had similar experience?

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  • FeliTi


    When I was pregnant, I had a very clear contact dermatitis on my legs. After that, my skin spun out of control. I got eczema there on my legs, hives all over my body, and then a weird kind of breakout came after the hives that was in the same location as the hives... Was water-filled and then when left without picking, would turn to puss. One specialist told me that it was folliculitis. Seriously?!? Given my history within those months? Sometimes they really don't know but they're too prideful to admit it.

    • Spirited1


      Prideful, maybe. Or, they do know but only a dermatologist may treat it. Always being honest with ones doctors has not "always" been the best choice because as soon as recreational drugs are involved that is made to be the entire issue. With that said.... I have many excuses why I haven't been to a dermatologist yet. I've been treating my skin with essential oils and have been prescribed antibiotics. But what IS THIS burrowed under my skin that seemingly wants to be there AS MUCH as I want it out? I would give more detail if I felt there was someone who has an infestation of unknown origin, willing to talk about how they've dealt with it. Thanks.

  • Spirited1


    I'm thinking maybe it's some kind of fungus.

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