I don't have anything diagnosed by a doctor but I am, almost certain that I have Adhd, and I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on how to I guess deal with having it without having to be on medication.

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  • Chrissyposi


    First id suggest you get diagnosed. Adhd is very commonly misdiagnosed. If you need help on how to go about getting diagnosed then are the first steps. 1. Address your concerns with your primary care doctor 2. Have the recommend a psychiatrist who will evaluate you 3. If you do have it and have been diagnosed, then you might want to change your diet then talk to the psych about no meds

    • Chrissyposi


      *here are the first steps

  • AssassinSasha


    I take medication for my ADHD but also for my other diagnoses. The first thing I suggest is that you have a specific place for everyday items such as Shoes, Purse, keys things like that. Also have a calender that you can keep track of everything in, such as appointments, Paydays, work, important events. It can be physical or digital whatever works for you. If it also has blank paper in the back it can help with any questions you may have about something that way you can look and won't forget them when you need to ask them. Maybe have a spending limit on certain things since we are known to have hyperfixations that change weekly. That way you can not spend so much on compulsive buying. Try and collect hobby supplies into a hobby area/ make a hobby area. I recommend going to Thrift stores to get cheap hobby supplies that way if a fixation of something with similar supplies happens you don't have as many supplies that you need to buy. Also keep an eye on your anger levels while driving. ADHD anger is a real dangerous thing. I used to have terrible road rage and it cost me a car almost 2. Hope this helps!

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