hello, I am Catia,
I am new to this thing and... well... a lot has been happening. I was recently diagnosed with having epilepsy in January of 2022.

I have a friend who is unexpectedly unplanned pregnant and I'm scared for her... idk what to do in all honesty

and I may be finding out I have a little bit more than ADHD with my anxiety and inattentiveness to stay focused. sexual PTSD doesn't help either but that's very mild rn.

but hello! hi! I hope someone wants to say hi!

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Breazy27


    Hello I'm Brea. I'm also new here

  • Shell86



  • Bradfish


    Hi! I'm Katie. I'm new to this too. I have non-epilepic seizures, ADHD, anxiety, and sexual PTSD too. I'm happy to chat. 🤗💕

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