Does anyone ever feel like they are being "too pushy" when they are in relationships?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • joshkels


    Oh thats a deffinit. But I don't know when I'm being to pushy till its too late

  • Katty


    Yep! And I can’t tell. Several times in the past when I’ve asked + all my begged for people to tell me and make boundaries they’ve not only refused to, but claimed it was fine till they got mad at me for violating their invisible boundaries. So yeah, I do it A LOT, and it makes me super anxious. I have a tendency to find a person I like and kinda attach to them (not completely I’ll still have other friends, but I’ll go HUMAN I LIKE and then follow them around like a lost puppy). A lot of people don’t like that.

  • ThickAndTired


    yes and I get very attached. once I find one person I love being around I don’t mind being around them and only them! friendship or relationship wise. it was such an issue in my old partnerships, but my new partner is also on the spectrum and is the same way. ever since we met before we even started dating we’ve hung out everyday. we still hang out with each other everyday now and live together, and I never get tired of it.

  • Stinkyparanoidrat


    I tend to be very pushy towards my partner about letting me know about their boundaries. I have no problem telling them about mine, but they have stressed to me about how they struggle with being adamant about their boundaries, so I tend to ask for permission before hugs, kisses, cuddling etc. It helps us be more open towards each other.

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