I have a question what are some things that help you when you're in a crowded area that's too peoplely

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  • Duckyqueen123


    I stimm without realizing it 🤣 some people would look at me funny then I realize it and stop and I start to get anxious. Lol Idk mabe bring a fidget with you.

  • hallucinogenics


    thanks I will try this next time I'm in a social area.

  • Binbin


    headphones and sunglasses make everything less overwhelming for me. and checklists for going to the store etc so I can stay on track

  • MissWilwarin


    I make sure I have ear plugs and/or ear buds so I can block out the noise. I swear, stores are always so loud even if there aren’t a lot of people. Definitely recommend a way to block the noise.

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