are you aware you are having some sort of episode while it's happening? currently my brain is fucking me up and trying to tell me my boyfriend is up to something. idk what 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ but then I'm like ok you know you aren't medicated at the moment. he is literally either at work or with you. when could he possibly be doing something?

but then manic me comes in and is like he could be talking to people online. meeting girls for lunch while he is at work. sneaking around when you go to sleep.

so the question here is .... who the fuck knows what's real and what is your brain being a dick?

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  • Betta


    See disphoria: PMDD Pre menstrual Disphoric Disorder but I think it comes with other conditions. It's like a mild paranoid feeling. You read more into a situation. Look into it. Got on no period birth control and it stopped. P.s. vitamin b1 and b6 really help my mania.

    • FairyPrincesss


      ty! I've been told about b6 before but totally forgot about it. I'll look into getting it and b1. I'm always more emotional while on my period but this was....bad. He couldn't do anything without me thinking he was up to something. He could have been doing something with me or for me and I thought he was talking to someone else, secretly hating me or generally up to no good. He has never given me any reason to be like this. Yea there have been minor things here and there (with over sharing about my personal stuff, not being sketchy with someone else) truth be told I'm the sketchy one. I have ran off and left him like three times.

      • Betta


        Perhaps you are putting your own insecurities on to him. Try to approach the situation logically. When bipolar some emotions/impulses are not real and it is best to ignore them. Are you on anything to help with the anxiety?

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