constantly arguing with doctor about cannaboid use I get nauseated for days got Barrett esophagas over it. doctor says all my problems are from cannabis use. Googled says no reprts of it veing caused by it. any suggestions?

Barrett's Esophagus

Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

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  • GamerJae


    I use cannabis for pain management, some people are sceptical about it's use as although the majority of case studies are positive - there are a few cases were it's use has negative effects, I think personally this is due to the individuality of humans, cannabis isn't for everyone and I know people who it affects badly, although that doesn't mean my positive use is then invalid - it's also hard to judge as we don't know much about its long term effects, it all depends on how much you use and what problems you've been experiencing, if you're interested in chatting, happy to listen/aid were I can :)

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