hey guys! i just downloaded this app, and i think it's pretty interesting so far. lately i've been dealing with a lot, and it's to the point where it feels like everything's falling apart. i'm on medication and doing therapy, but it doesn't seem to help. what helps you guys?

Dysthymia (PDD)

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  • Licia


    I always have ups and downs, but something I find helpful (although difficult) is just forcing myself to do things. It’s the most annoying advice to give to people, but it generally works. I get in long ruts where I don’t want to do anything, see anyone, talk to anyone, leave my house, etc. NOT doing all of those things only fuels the cycle of feeling sad or numb. Part of breaking the cycle is forcing myself to do something (I went to a movie last night when I didn’t want to leave the house, for example). When I force myself to do some of these things it’s usually not as bad as I think it may be, and I generally feel a little bit better about myself which helps me begin to get out of a rut. Another thing I’ve recently realized is actually helpful is changing my facial expression. If I’m in a bad mood I notice what kind of facial expression I’m doing (even if I’m just driving in my car alone) and it’s usually something like frowning, furrowed brow, etc. If I just relax my face and even do a small smile it honestly feels helpful. I feel like that’s the most annoying advice to try to give to people because it sounds silly, but it’s all about a bunch of small actions that add up. 💕

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