We want a diagnosis so bad but I’m terrified to say the least. The others rely on me for a lot of the more difficult things. Keeping track of responsibilities, cleaning, medical, etc. We have struggled with this for the longest time in silence and have done hours upon hours of research trying to find something that would apply to our situation. OSDD 1b seemed to apply well at first and upon further research we really felt like we related to this and felt like we weren’t alone. We talked to other systems and just felt like we were seen and we had someone to relate to. I want a diagnosis, but the thought it terrifying. There’s so many what if questions. What if they think we’re insane? What if they gaslight us? I honestly don’t know how to get over this fear.

Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD)

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  • betweenthethorns


    What are you afraid of?

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