Sometimes I don’t know if I’m spacing out and doing this because how symptoms the books talk about don’t fit exactly how I feel. But I feel weird. Especially something traumatic just happened. And thing around me like objects and people look really big or really small. My skin feels like it’s gonna melt. I think I’m going crazy.


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  • ferngully


    if something traumatic happened to you, you’re not crazy. everything you’re feeling is valid and it’s good that you’re willing to reach out for help.

  • sages


    that exactly how i feel i’m new to it too. we will be ok<3

  • curlyhairedazalie


    Depersonalization is a common symptom of extreme stress. You’re not going crazy. Your mind is making you disconnect from yourself in an effort to protect you from the trauma. It is a weird sensation but knowing the reason behind it helps me a little

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