What methods help to de escalate when you can feel anxiety coming? Especially in the morning when first waking up

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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    i like to listen to music and move around and shake my hands, but different things work for different people so i would recommend trying different techniques and seeing what works best for you:) some other strategies i’ve heard are splashing your face with cold water or eating somethings sour! I have dealt with morning anxiety for a while so if you want more ideas feel free to message me💗

  • ThatOneNerd


    Deep breaths and focus on relaxing muscles

  • bee555


    listening to music with headphones on helps me a lot. i sensory seek when i get anxious, so rocking back and forth with over the ear headphones playing music is beneficial for me. i just do things that soothe me and distract me from my anxiety. i get extra anxious right when i wake up, usually because im woken up by noises that make me anxious.

  • Ares4


    If I have a few easily do-able things in the morning I’ll feel better. Like easy as “make a good cup of coffee.” “Brush teeth really well.” “Put away one more dish than you normally would.” And those little things help build a sense of control and security over time for me.

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