I’m nowhere near getting into a relationship but still nearly every night I keep myself up with anxiety about when I move in with a future SO- if they’re gonna hate the way I do things, if they’re gonna be disgusted that I can’t keep things clean for the life of me, and most of all I get worried that they’ll see me sleeping because personally, I hate the way I look when I sleep and the thought that someone I really like would see me sleeping every night makes me really anxious

Anxiety (Including GAD)

Disturbance of salivary secretion

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  • Kelcjo


    If someone really loves you they won’t care. A good partner will not shame or hate you. A good partner will help you through things and trust me they will always think you look fantastic even when you are drooling on the pillow. I was in an abusive relationship for 12 years and he was everything exactly what you were worried about. I’m now in a much healthier relationship and all of those issues and a huge chunk of anxiety no longer exists. I spent a decade thinking my unhappy relationship was all my fault only to realize I was being mentally abused.

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