I lost my toenail twice and I’m now having excruciating shooting pains from my toe and along the top of my foot when putting on my shoes on or resting on the top of the foot. Went snorkeling and could not swim properly due to the pain about two years ago.

Pain in joint, ankle and foot

Chronic Low Back Pain

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  • HawaiianGirl


    I own an orthopedic shoe store. You should try and find a local orthopedic shoe store because they are deeper shoes that won’t rub top of your foot. You might want to also look into seeing a podiatrist. Also, I sell really good insoles in my store, look for soletech inserts, they could really help too. If you can’t find any local places let me know and I could ship you some of mine, they are only $30 and they work really well to alleviate foot, knee, hip and back pain!

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