I am currently in an intensive outpatient program that I have found to be very helpful, but I am scared for when I graduate that things will get uncontrollable again. I also have no idea what I am going to do after which contributes to more anxiety.

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • JoranTal


    That’s always my fear whenever I come out of an inpatient program. Are you going back to a safe place or a toxic place?

  • kushbarb


    Exactly. I have been in inpatient a year ago & then IOP after that. It scares me because even after all that I got worse again. Im going back to a neutral place

  • sarah03


    they give you a routine. which helps you stabilize. I’ve gone through both inpatient and outpatient multiple times. I wrote down the schedule of the day. & tried to replicate it time wise and if possible with what they did. i supplement say a group session with reading a self help book. Start my day at the time I did there. Supplement another group session with a show or movie. they’ve put you on a routine schedule and trying to reformat that to what your day now needs to look like has always helped me transition.

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