Does any other autistic person have this urge whenever you think about something you did to like… over analyze every little detail and write out every single thing that happened and basically go through and figure out why you did that and why something happened? And you don’t stop until you can answer?

I’m sure I explained that very poorly but an example: you want to know why you were so obsessed with something as a kid so you spend hours researching and asking questions like why you did this and what this means, etc. And you do this for hours until you reach a certain point where you feel satisfied? Idk… I guess like becoming hyperfixated on understanding why you behave like you do/did?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Hayls


    Samsies ✋🏼✋🏼 worst part is usually I don't find a conclusion so I just...deep dive into it for hours and only stop because I have to (day is over, other plans intervene).

  • NekoTeto123


    I definitely do this too, I analyze all of my behaviors, thoughts, and actions all the time. I've come to an almost complete understanding of myself, so much that therapy sessions are basically me being my own therapist while my actual therapist validates me and offers new perspectives lol

  • DarkWhispers07


    Yup, I do that as well. The only difference is I do that with other people and topics. Like if I am at all interested in a subject or a place I research and research until I go "woah" and then I continue on with my day. With the people thing I way over analyze people's actions and try to figure out why the did something or why people in general do certain things subconsciously

  • Duckyqueen123


    I do that sometimes as well

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