I have really bad motor tics when in extreme distress nothing stops them and at minimum they go on for 2 hours leaving me unable to talk without stuttering and losing control over the whole left side of my body does anyone have any suggestions besides Benadryl

Chronic Tics

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  • Dark_Johnny


    Hi! how long has it been like this? My experience taught me it has a lot to do with my mental state, so my best suggestion is therapy, preferably CBT. Be well!

  • RavenAddison


    If you are able to CBD or THC. I unfortunately have the same issues and sometimes am left with paralysis in my wrist and hands. Unfortunately, I have recieved no diagnosis, but if you have a doctor or psychiatrist I would also suggest klonopin. It is a benzo and can be addictive, so be careful! but it does work fairly well for helping with anxiety.

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