How does everyone deal with insurance stress? I recently married and was added to my husbands insurance and we decided to keep mine as well (a Medicare advantage plan) but it’s just been a mess. For months it’s been confusion, huge bills and frustration. I just had delayed treatments for over a week as they figured out who was paying for my ivig ugggh… just hoping it gets better. 💜

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  • Allycat711


    I had to finally get on Medicaid a few years ago. It sucks because I might not be able to marry my boyfriend because of the insurance issue.

    • Gigi0501


      isn’t it horrible 😥 we thought getting married would help our situation. After Medicare processed I still owed 18,000 each month for my ivig. Now they act like we can afford that ugh 😑

      • Allycat711


        I’ve known couples that love each other still have had to get a divorce just so the sick one can get Medicaid

  • Campbell


    For years I could not make mire than 32k a year so that my severely autistic daughter could stay on Medicaid. No other insurance would have her. Our healthcare system is broken! In so many ways.

  • Sexycop


    I am paying $650 a month so I can stay on my government health plan so not to have that stress! But hoops to go thru to also keep it!

  • redneckmom36


    It took me a while to get all that straightened out but if ur disability check is low income you can get extra help with prescription and qmb Medicaid that pays ur Medicare premiums and medicare deductible

  • Tess123


    My plasma company pays $5000 toward deductible at the beginning of each year. As long as we stay in network all is great. It meets deductible and most out of pocket.

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