Hi all! I don’t have a definitive diagnosis of adhd yet, but I’m almost certain I have it. I have family with it, and friends/colleagues that have felt my behaviors/mannerisms could be correlated. For those of you that were diagnosed many years ago, did you ever initially feel upset/or nervous about the diagnosis? I think I hold it as a stigma in my heart and feel embarrassed/insecure constantly about my rapid talking/interrupting people. I think I fear people being “right” that saw the signs in me initially, and I view it as a negative quality or burdensome. Also note, I do have anxiety, and tend to ruminate. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thank you. 💕

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  • Mark88


    Hi, I can really relate to what you're saying, getting labeled is annoying. I do have to say that although ADHD is a diagnosis, I see it more as a type of temper and personality, which makes me curious and attentive to different things in my life, more than most people, so you can learn to accept it and even be proud of it!

  • Sleepysleeps


    I just got diagnosed last year on accident while trying to get antidepressants. I knew I had it the whole time but I felt so much better once a professional confirmed my beliefs. ADHD is more complex than people think and affects your moods, focus, etc. Personally for me getting a diagnosis made me forgive myself for a lot of the annoying habits and let me understand why I am the way I am.

  • Sleepysleeps


    If you have instagram, you should follow @the_mini_adhd_coach It’s been so helpful for me!

  • Lora


    I was diagnosed as a young kid because I had a lot of difficulties in school. For me it was like another word for a bad student. Only after school and when I was diagnosed with anxiety, I started to learn more about my ADHD. I learned that as Mark88 said, this condition makes me the person who I am! I get nervous and distracted easily and sometimes I day dream but whenever something really interests me I can focus on it for hours!! It helps me to know what I really want to do and what is just not right for me:)

  • Cindy33


    I was diagnosed when I was in school. I don't remember what I felt about it because I was young. I take Ritalin whenever I need to concentrate for a long time. There is no shame and nothing bad in having ADHD. In my opinion being diagnosed can only help you.

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