How do you cope when you get anxiety attacks?

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  • Cardo


    First I take my meds for anxiety and then try to lay down and relax. Get my mind on something else. Get my mind free of any thoughts as bestI can.

  • Bizz


    Anxiety attacks can be very painful as you may know. The best way to help if you don't have meds is to remove yourself from the area of stress. And if you are not able to leave close your eyes and take very deep breaths. Lift your arms above your head and breathe. Zen yourself

  • Celine


    The breathing box technique is the only thing that gets me through it! Google Breathing Box Technique it could help you too friend!

  • packersfan95


    I almost get like tunnel vision when I get panic attacks, so I take deep breaths and focus my hands on something around me that has texture. Usually it’s a soft blanket, a jacket, I keep a stress ball in my purse in case I have one out and about. It helps regroups me a bit!

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