How do you manage your pain when you’re passing a kidney stone? I have multiple at a time and it’s the most pain i’ve ever been in. Making trips to the ER every few months isn’t what I want to do. I’ve tried baths, heating pads, pain meds (hydrocodone and motrin), drinking water, etc. My kidney stones are hereditary and i’m so sick of it :(


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  • Jess1990


    I feel you! How long has it been since you had your first?💕

  • Zoey_Val


    Hi there so sorry you also deal with kidney stones. 😥 it is definitely one of the worst pains there can be. I was in the ER last year because the pain is literally unbearable. I know others with stones that just lay down and take baths until the pain passes but for me I am not able to do that maybe a low pain tolerance etc. they recommended OTC painkillers for me and I was like whattt because I was vomiting and fainted from the pain so I knew there was no way some Tylenol was going to help. Try to see if you can maybe get stronger medicine or something like that I still have not found a perfect solution. Hang in there ❤️

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