how do i help yhe withdrawls


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  • NeedsRealHelp


    Pesto and motion sickness bracelets helped alot.

  • esbabyxx


    cold showers, sugar, distractions such as shows or movies

    • bootymuncher


      hot** showers literally saved me - they are known in rehabs and detox centers too help <3 sorry it’s so late but i’ve been through that hell one too many times

  • esbabyxx


    find a stupid song you love and sing it

  • katitomato


    Detox with medications either at a detox center, or if not you can get certain types of meds off the street too honestly. Things like anxiety meds, seroquel, and gabapentin help a lot. Or if you don’t have access to any of that (or even if you do), hot baths help so so so much!! I’ve heard good things about Kratom, but I think you need high quality Kratom because when I tried using the cheap stuff it didn’t do much for me. And switching between Tylenol and Advil every 4 hours. Also if you’re at home, have someone to hold you accountable so that you don’t give into the desire to go back and pick up! That is very important! Also chocolate helps, and masturbation honestly helps too. Kind of a funny topic but it’s so true! And finally, have something to distract yourself like tv, video games, books/magazines, etc.

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