My A-Fib was getting worse and I ended up in the hospital for blood transfusions quite a lot. But when I got off the blood thinners and had the watchman installed, I haven’t had bleeding incidents that previously landed me in the hospital. Some people can tolerate blood thinners. After a few years, I could not.

Atrial fibrillation

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  • Niktheking


    Hi, it is very important to take blood thinners for atrial fibrillation. This is so you don't get a blood clot in your heart that can cause you a stroke and even death. If you feel that there are blood thinners that you cannot tolerate, maybe you should change them to something else, this will help you cope with the medicine.

    • Karenique


      I didn’t say the watchman was for everybody. I just couldn’t tolerate blood thinners anymore. The watchman works for me. And I’m happy that I don’t have to keep going for those blood tests.

      • Cinnee


        Thank you. I needed to talk to someone who has had a Watchman. I am looking forward to getting mine and feeling better. I have an excellent cardiologist and he has been very helpful.

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