Hello! My name is Sock, I’ve been diagnosed for about 10 years now! Which is so crazy but I just wanted to say hello and connect with alike people :) I’ve been seeing it all over social media.

Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)

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  • JoeyJoestar


    Hello Sock! 💕 We are also sorta new to this app! -P

  • Blulamb


    Hi! That’s so cool! We have been digonsied since 2020/2019! -Hero

  • JarBoyo


    I'm not exactly diagnosed yet but i've had the symptoms since a young age. At this point I just consider myself "diagnosed" in my own way until it can be confirmed for me. I'm Mason. :)

  • z0mbit3


    Nice to meet you Sock :) -Asper

  • bonemarreaux


    I'm not professionally diagnosed, but I am seeing a DID specialist and am professionally recognized as a system. It's nice to meet more systems. :) I am Julian, but Foster and James are close too and say hello as well. We're likely the only ones who will go on here!

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