Neuropathy/something along those lines anyone?

I don’t have this as a condition, because we don’t know what it is yet… but I have been dealing with worsening nerve pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, etc… that’s not localized to one spot. It’s really frustrating and I am worried it’s MS, but I guess it could be a lot of things? I have a nerve conduction study coming up on Thursday.

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  • Jadie


    What you described sounds like small fiber neuropathy, which I got from my POTS. It can be connected to different dysautonomias but there are other things like diabetes that can cause it. It is not the only nerve condition of course. I hope your study goes when and you find out what it is to treat it. Nerve pain sucks.

  • Yi_Yoh


    Thanks. It started with numbness and tingling in my fingers and my toes that I thought was related to my anemia. And then I started having some lower back pain. Then the pain increased to my leg and foot and numbness and tingling to my arm and leg as well. Now I have numbness and tingling in all my limbs at times and the pain happens in mostly my right leg, foot, and back… but also will occur on the other side. I will have to look into small fiber neuropathy. It’s pretty unlikely that I have diabetes, as my bs has never come back as an issue, but I haven’t heard of dysautonomias, so I will research those as well. Thanks for responding!

  • CelestaII


    I'm in the same boat as you. My hands have constant (pretty much 24/7) numbness and pins and needles. It's awful and prevents me from doing a lot of the things I want to do. I go for the nerve conduction study on the 4th.

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