they didn’t find anything on my endoscopy or in my biopsies. i haven’t been able to eat comfortably without stomach aches or heartburn in a year. all they’re doing now is upping my dosage of pantoprazole and checking up on me in a few months. what could be wrong with me??


Esophagitis-Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


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  • AmeliaShepherdLover


    I feel very similar. Tests have shown almost nothing but I have symptoms every day :/ all they have said to me is “take more omeprazol” and it’s very frustrating to feel so invalidated

  • shamprock


    Same here!

  • Lorenzo


    Did you do a Bravo ph test yet?

  • Lorenzo


    This might sound crazy but Go get your neck checked out. Do an Mri. If the neck is out of alignment it can compress the vagus nerve which sends signals to the stomach to properly digest food. If the vagus nerve isn’t functioning correctly then it can cause alot of problems

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