I want to talk to someone I trust about how I feel but I’m too scared that I’m wasting their time or just being too negative. How can I overcome those worries?


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  • StarryCreek


    You already have overcome posting on Alike ❤️

  • pamplemousse


    trust in yourself - if you feel speaking to this person will benefit you, do it. trust in them too. it is so hard believing no one will ever listen to you, but i believe in you and you can do this!

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    If you trust them then try to reverse it. If they came to you about how they were feeling, would you feel like it was a waste of your time? Would you feel it was too negative? Even if it was, would that stop you from wanting to help/support them? Sometimes role reversal helps me get out of my head. You can also write down what you want to say if that helps. Best wishes ❤️

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