Hi everyone I need your help!
I need to find a alternative to sh and not because I want to but because of more intense reasons but I have tried so much

Snapping rubber band on wrist
Pinching self
Drawing with red marker
Holding ice
Sucking ice
Eating sour or sweet sucking candies
Squeezing stress balls
Punching non harmful objects
Cold shower
Listen to happy music
Listen to funny podcast
Watch uplifting show
Call friends
Text friends

And nothing is working anyone have any other ideas?

Self-inflicted injury

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  • Coffeek


    Honestly your list is everything I’ve tried myself and all I really know of too but something that I used to do that helped at times was talk to myself. Weird, I know, but I’d just spout out anything I was thinking without filter or instead try and reassure myself. I’d hum and squeeze my thighs too as I got louder, very strange things but they stimulated me for some reason and I could try and clear my head with it or distract myself vocally

  • Coffeek


    Really hope that helps in any way, I know everyone is different with what works and what doesn’t, but at least you are trying and that’s all that matters 💕

  • Dottie_68


    If it is safe enough for you to do, I like to draw on pieces of paper and then cut it up so I still get that feeling of relief but without getting hurt.

  • LeeSaki69


    It doesn't really help me as much as it use to, but what I use to do is I would draw my wrist or wherever I wanted to sh, and I would draw with red marker or I would cut it up with a pair of scissors. It might not be helpful to u, but I do suggest trying it

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